We have to admit that the quarantine period has bred and nurtured a lot of ideas. That is the
case of Grasha Njeri, a PR Associate based in Nairobi Kenya. After harbouring an idea for
years and being held back by fear, she decided to finally take the plunge and start her

The Dosage podcast, which is now in its fourth episode, discusses about topics that provoke
thought and influence growth. Rooted from personal experiences or/and society patterns,
Grasha seeks to address issues and discuss topics that mostly affect the youth because
being a youth herself makes her better placed to create conversation. Some of the topics
discussed so far include adulting, entitlements and celebrating small wins.

“I still feel the fear every time the mic comes on but I always ask myself what’s the worst that
can happen? The passion and satisfaction I get from hosting this podcast fuels me every
day,” said Grasha.

“As we face the world, we often feel as if we are alone and sometimes succumb to
dangerous pleasures and lose hope. My desire, however, is that The Dosage podcast will be
a safe haven, a pivot for change and intentional growth for different people across the
globe.” She concluded.

Grasha encourages everyone to give life to that shelved idea, no matter how crazy it may
seem or sound. She also insisted that ‘If your symptoms persist, seek The Dosage

You can access and listen to The Dosage podcast on
Anchor: https://anchor.fm/grasha
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-dosage
Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dosage/id1536205010?uo=4