This is “a_random_piece” a curation for all your need-to-know thoughts from the voices in culture in the moment . Think of it as a random thought from your friend only this is published at theSystem *. An open letter by Akoth Jumadi.

Seeing that we now know,or are beginning,to be more aware, more observing and less tolerant of the systems at hand. We realize that there has been for a long time a huge gap that requires our experience, presence and expertise. Creativity has for a long time been shun and put aside, cast in shadows of Petty pay and desperate bargains only to be called upon when Art becomes a necessity to tickle fancies.

Creatives, those who have been, those who are , and those who will become have been into varying depths of the abyss -those whose only detriment, The desire to awaken these frontiers of our imagination.

We’ve learnt shame, fear and anxiety in our approach towards expression and make constant comparison to Foreign norms fed constantly to us against our will ,pumping into the despair already soaked in our mind and spirit.

And even then ,still ,we rise.

Now more than ever, let us rise above those things and those people that push back the limits of our flight . Over standing structures in the matrix of our immediate environments, let us join together in reviving, restoring and re-imagining the stories of Africa. Our Stories.For Africa.

May we show up for each other, put aside our Ego, Gratification and differences. May we see that we represent a bigger Purpose, whose outcome is reliant on our active participation in improving and elevating the mind, body and spirit of self and those whose destiny is tethered to our own.
I write this as a fellow creative , who feels the weight,observes intuitively and discerns soberly the state of affairs in these times.

May love, for whatever you stand for, Set you Free!🙏🏿🌻☘️

Yours Truly,
Akoth Jumadi.

Akoth Jumadi is a Kenyan singer, songwritter and multi-instrumentalist.

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Image by Jumah Wafula