In 2019, Ghana organized ‘the Year of Return’ to commemorate the landing of slaves from Africa in America. The event was highly patronized by members of the diaspora. Beyond the Year of Return, there has been an effort to consolidate the gains made.

In this regard, the city of Cape Coast has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Africa Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) and two local companies to create an ultramodern city. The city will be called the “Wakanda City of Return.” The proposed name of the city is inspired by the popular Hollywood movie, “Black Panther.”

The project seeks to leverage the heritage and cultural tourist assets in Ghana. The partners want to create a place of pilgrimage for the people of African descent to learn about their history, culture, the civilization of Africa, and its role in the creation of the new world economy.

The project which is expected to provide over 3,000 jobs to people in the area is also expected to boost tourism promotion in the area.

The ultramodern edifice modelled around the architecture of the ‘Wakanda City’ as exhibited in the famous ‘Black Panther’ movie is expected to attract many across the globe to Ghana. It will also be a centre for teaching the history of the black race.

The Partners add that the project will indeed be a sound arena for leveraging on the heritage and cultural tourism assets of Cape Coast in creating a definite place of pilgrimage for people of African descent to know the history, culture and civilisation of Africa as well as the continent’s role in creating a new world economy and order.