Oscars selection committee has announced that the film ‘The Letter’ has been entered into the Oscars award selection specifically under the best international feature film category. The other film that had been entered to run is ‘Uradi’, a feature film. The Letter is a Kenyan 2019 documentary by producer-director duo Christopher King and Maia Lekow (husband and wife).

The film follows a young man, Karisa, who travels to his grandmother’s rural home when he learns she has been accused of witchcraft.

He soon discovers that the threatening letter she received came from a member of his own family, and that the accusations have caused a rift among relatives driven by a combination of superstition and economic motives.

As the film’s focus widens, he learns that hundreds of other elders in the region are being branded as witches as a means to steal their land.

As Karisa delicately navigates between his wrangling aunties and uncles, the love for his grandmother and her fearless spirit must overcome the imminent danger of the accusations against her.

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