You cannot deny this girls ability to grab your attention and maintain it. Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan native with an affinity for irony and a penchant for humor. She is a social media star, a journalism student, comedian and a self proclaimed ‘professional bragger’ (we stan!).

From creating her own social media campaign for Rihanna’s Fenty fashion line to her monologues being featured on comedy central to being applauded by international stars, the likes of Snoop Dog and Lupita, being featured on vogue and winning the E! People’s Choice Award in 2020.

Elsa has been posting monologues from 2016 but had stopped until 2019.Her monologue videos went viral during the COVID-19 lockdown. Her satirical monologues usually feature her crunching potato crisps, leaning back to a pillow and using a tiny 1990s sunglasses as a prop. “Initially, I would make my videos to make myself happy. I would watch my videos and I would just laugh. It used to make me so happy and I would just die. And I would watch my videos again and again and just be like, ‘You’re a genius,'” Majimbo tells editor Rosemary Donahue.

Clearly there is no limit to how high you want to go if you have the stomach and the patient for it , Elsa is a clear motivation and inspiration to both girls and women of color especially of African descent . Her innovative approach to comedy and the journey to success is clear indication of her ambition an ability to overcome prejudice and talent.

Congratulations Elsa and keep inspiring us !