The first-ever interactive VR Series on creative cities – Made in Africa Nairobi, Kenya – for its First Season. Its the first ever interactive 360 Mockumentary Experience on creative cities Made in Africa, First Experience Nairobi.

“Space Making is the capacity to transform an empty place into space where people can share, communicate and eventually understand more about themselves and others. African cities are growing at a speed rate never experienced before by humanity, it is within these cities that the African Space Makers are making history. This VR series explores the emergence of a new indigenous creative class in search of fame and recognition.” – Africa space makers

Directed by Vincenzo Cavallo Fara, the documentary series takes you into the world of a crew of three people equipped with a video camera and a boom mic as they embark on a journey to discover five creatives’ spaces and their inhabitants.

The player chooses which film director they want to be and experience urban Africa with the crew. This is their assignment, and this is how they are going to understand what it means to be an African space maker. Who you are will influence the way people will relate to you and tell you their stories.

The project has been nominated for the Stereopsia Lumiere Awards . Stereopsia is the World Immersion Forum: a unique and friendly place for worldwide professionals sharing the same passion for immersive technologies and their use to network, build partnerships and seize business opportunities. The forum was created in 2009.

Cavallo shared the news of their nomination on Facebook stating “Incredible news! Very happy to share our Nomination at Stereopsia Lumiere Awards . #AfricanSpaceMakers legendary team! BlackRhino VR and I N V R and of course The BUS and its legendary crew and all the crew and the cast”

All the best to the African Space Makers team , bring this home!