Natural Instinct was birthed after a sad realization that plastic is now everywhere: that reality
needs to change ASAP.
Published  Monday, November   9  2020 

Meet the team at Natural Instinct Organization that has diverse background brought together
by their common passion for environmental conservation.

Wambui Wainaina is the founder and holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from The Catholic
University of Eastern Africa(CUEA). It is her passion for environmental conservation that
motivated her to start the organization. She has also previously worked with NEMA which
makes her conversant with the policies governing the environmental sector in Kenya.

John Mich Mwangi is the Chief Strategy Officer; an environmentalist and works for National
Environment Management Authority (NEMA). He ensures that we address the gap of public
awareness through fun and more interactive ways to beat single-use plastic.
Veronica Njeri is the Head of Marketing; a brand marketer working for Nation Media Group. She
sees to it that the branding is consistent across advertising and campaigns.

Read on to find out how their bang mission is well under way to broaden awareness around
single use plastic pollution and create an impact in Kenya, and even beyond.

On the inspiration behind Natural Instinct Organization
Natural Instinct was birthed after a sad realization that plastic is now everywhere: that reality
needs to change ASAP. The brands mission is to rid the environment of single-use plastic. We
plan on doing that by using a portion of the sales from our products to create awareness by
sensitizing children around the country on the dangers of plastic pollution.

On the vision of the organization
We aim to restore nature to its original state through behavioral change of humans around the

On launching during the Covid-19 pandemic, experience so far and expectations
The reception was beyond amazing. People embraced the brand and its cause better than we
had anticipated and for that we’re really grateful to God. That inspires us to continue with the

On Bags with a social impact
Our bags are both informative and functional. They are informative in the sense that through the
imprints on the bags, they create awareness on environmental conservation.
They are also functional because they are very spacious and durable and can therefore be used
for different functions.

On the inspiration of the collection
Dunia is a Swahili word which means Earth. The Dunia collection focuses on the importance o
conserving mother nature because that’s what keeps our ecosystem growing and thriving.
Our choice of color for the bags was influenced by some of the natural components of the

That is soil (Ardhi bag), oceans (Bahari bag), plants (Kijani bag) and animals (Ndovu bag).
We also chose Swahili names for our collection inorder to reflect originality since our products
are Made in Kenya. This demonstrates Kenya’s involvement in the international environmental

On promoting sustainability and sourcing the material for their bags
Our bags are made out of canvas material which is long lasting and can be reused for a long
period of time.

One of your captions on IG says ‘all our shopping bags create an environmental impact.’
How so?

They do so through creation of awareness against plastic pollution. They are also long lasting
which minimizes pollution caused by the non-woven shopping bags and plastic shopping bags
that are single-use and not biodegradable.

On the design of the bags, and the messaging
We designed bags that can be used for different purposes and functions.
The tote and shopping bags can be used on a daily basis. They can be used as an office bag to
carry your laptop, for short travels, shopping or even as a picnic bag.
The messaging is fun and interactive which helps us create awareness around environmental

On embracing sustainability in businesses and initiatives such as yours
It is very important to embrace sustainability because it ensures in whatever we do in our day to
day lives we don’t cause damage to our environment or deplete resources that we can’t renew.

On initiatives you will be undertaking in the future
Yes, we have other projects and products coming up.

On merging awareness creation and entrepreneurship
The organization is more of a purpose driven initiative and makes me fulfilled at the end of the
day as the idea manifests. However it was important for me to bring in the entrepreneurship
aspect so that it can be sustainable by itself as compared to an NGO that has to fully depend on

On being part of your team
Yes, we are open to the idea.

From the Dunia collection, which is your favorite bag and why?
(Wambui) My favorite piece is the Bahari tote bag because of the messaging and functionality
around it. The bag is imprinted ‘Less Plastic is Fantastic’ and this translates to how our oceans
have really been affected by plastic pollution. The messaging around this bag is specific yet fun.

On featuring in Buzz just 10 days after launching!
Featuring in the Daily Nation was a big step for us and especially the brand taking up a full page
was surreal. It also opened up quite a few doors for the brand and for that we are forever
grateful to the Buzz team.

On collaborations
Yes, we are open to collaborations but only if the values of the individual or organization we are
partnering with align with those of Natural Instinct.

What does the next year look like for you?
(Wambui) As I mentioned earlier, Natural Instinct being a social enterprise, a portion of the sales
will be used to sensitize children on the dangers of plastic pollution. We intend to start that next
year once schools resume fully after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Story by : Chemitei Janet for theSystem  *

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