Octopizzo keeps us grounded with the new visuals for his new song with Suzanna Owiyo dubbed Lela . The song is from his 5th album titled “Jungle Fever “ released on November 20, 2020 a 15-Track album that features artists, Idd Aziz, Maga, Owino Kitoto, Suzanna Owiyo, Blinky Bill and Zzero Sufuri.

“The Song “Lela” is from a swahili word that means ” “BLACK BEAUTY” & in french it means LOYALTY. With this song am try to show the importance of Culture intelligence; this is supposed to help develop an in-depth understanding of working styles in other cultures. A culturally intelligent workforce will demonstrate better tolerance, trust and understanding of global colleagues. Cultural differences become strengths in problem solving, rather than obstacles, while improved collaboration drives the ability to respond quicker to market changes.”- Octopizzo

Watch the visuals Below :