Called “Your Friends in New York,” the platform is a new kind of creative ecosystem within the industry that merges music, art, philanthropy, wellness, and of course, fashion. Backed by Kering, the Pyer Moss founder aims to “involve the community at large” and “continue to help others grow in the fashion and art space.” The platform’s operations is multi-pronged in order to execute the overarching vision. There’s an events and experiences division, an incubator program helping diverse emerging designers explore fresh business models, philanthropic initiatives, and a merchandise label.

Your friends in New York

“For our friends with independent businesses,” wrote Pyer Moss in an Instagram announcement on March 18. “We are setting aside $50,000 for minority and women owned small creative businesses who are currently in distress. If you cannot make payroll or cannot cover pressing costs to keep your business afloat, please reach out, let us know what you do and how we can help.”

“With the help of my friend Jen Rubio, we grew this fund to $100,000,” wrote founder Kerby Jean-Raymond in a second Instagram announcement. “We have donated over $78,000 of it so far to 38 businesses including 7 fashion brands, 3 health and beauty brands, 2 wellness studios, 5 cafes and restaurants, 3 childhood education initiatives, 2 concept stores and more community-focused creative businesses.”

Support for artistic and creative businesses is essential to the mission behind the Pyer Moss brand.

Applicants to the Your Friends in New York™ Business Relief Fund need only submit a short application, providing a few details about their business as well as the amount of funding requested (amounts of up to $5,000). The simplicity of the process makes it easier for Pyer Moss to get funding into the hands of business owners who need it most, as quickly as possible.

“We are looking at ways to turn this initiative into a more permanent one (like legally),” the team wrote. “But until then, go to and hit the survey if you feel we can be of immediate assistance to your business with the funds remaining.”

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