Nancy Njeri : “Focus on the value you provide and the rest will flow”
Published  Saturday ,  September   12  2020   |   Nancy  Njeri   by   theSystem * 

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into what you do now?

My name is Nancy Njeri , I’m 22 years old strathmore university to study business IT how I got into crochet totally different from knit wear is after my parents had a very messy divorce and I got super depressed and found ease in it

I learnt in when I was 7 years old but never really took it seriously until it became a form of therapy.

So tell me what is the difference between a crotchet and knitwear can you expound a bit on that?

Well it’s the tool used to make pieces that varies knitting requires a knitting needle which is those two sticks and crochet is a hook
And crochet is the only type of piece that can’t be replicated using a machine
Knitting can be machine made.

So your work is purely handmade ? How long does it take to make a sweater?

Yes it is

Well it depends on the design really some take a few hours and some may take a day or two.

So do you consider your work art or fashion?


When did you officially start the brand Yarnly and what was the inspiration behind the name?

Okay well I used to do it and test designs on my friends so it’s not until like last year when people started getting interested in my craft and all so I opted to now make it a business it had no basis

And the name was a pure joke I was with a friend of mine and I just needed a name for my page on IG cause the vision was to deal purely in yarn things so at first it started with the name yarnified and after research the name had been taken so my friend blurted the name yarnly and I I just knew that was it.

So do you want to eventually run it as a brand or whats been your plan since launching?

Well I do consider it a brand but the vision broadened since the pandemic happened and would like to get into various aspects of yarnly without limiting to just making pieces.

Do you mind speaking on those other field you want to involve yarnly ?

Teaching , writing cause in essence all I want it to add as much value as I possibly can and because I’d consider myself extremely good at it and over this period all these people reach out to me asking me all these questions and why not help other people grow and instead of being just an entrepreneur be an infopreneur.

Oh wow talk to us a bit about the things that you’d be interested in educating others about as an infopreneur?, are this the things that also inform how you come up with the pieces for yarnly?

I wouldn’t consider myself stingy with information so I wanna teach people my craft I can’t necessarily inform people how I come up with pieces cause it’s random and all but I can show them basics and create and help others recreate them something along those lines.

So basically you want Yarnly to be an information driven brand right? are you into DYI videos?

More or less cause after a year of creating and selling I feel compelled to add on to it not necessarily subtract the making of pieces but to have both

No I’m not hate them actually.

Whats the process of creating like for you?

It depends I might be watching a movie and see something and try recreate it or see elements and create them and color inspires me.

Do you prefer coming up with ideas and selling them or do you prefer commissions from clients ?

Both apply but I come up with designs then people reach out most times cause sometimes people’s expectations are beyond me.

Beyond you in what sense?

Getting some designs on Pinterest and dropping them my way.

But sometimes I can replicate them but sometimes it’s something only machine made or knitted.

So is your strategy to keep taking commission in the long run or do you have plans in place to expand the brand , in terms of offerings , do you have a statement piece or a staple piece for your brand?

No, every brand has a starting point but as it grows things change.

Instagram is such an integral part of brands today , how important is it to you and what other mediums do you use to spread the word for your brand?

I’m singular minded and I prefer using Instagram solely cause for me I’d rather sell myself and what offer as opposed to business I don’t know if that makes sense
Hence the overall appearance of my page being not as business looking or as branded cause it would lack personality.

So you alluded to the pandemic affecting your vision , talk to me about how that is like and how you dealt with the past 6 months ?

I do live on my own and my family lives abroad so of course from a personal point of view I was at an emotional point and of course people weren’t focusing on buying products at first cause I mean other things were more important so I couldn’t keep dwelling on the worst of it so I started teaching and hence changing my business vision.

How has it been for you personally , what have you been doing during lock down , what did you find out any inspiration?

I have so many interests and I’m a bit of a nerd so that’s kept me busy.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years personally and with your brand?

Honestly I had a plan but what 2020 has taught me is that God knows best so I live each day doing my best in each area and one step leads to the next in both business and personally being like water cause nothing is granted.

Sure , what keeps you going in this times?

I’m an insanely positive person 😂😂 it’s quite annoying actually.

I never see the worst in any situation.
And what keeps me going is the knowing that everything works out and that the universe reveals its secrets to those who follow their hearts.

What would you tell your fellow creatives or someone whose interested in doing what you do ?

Focus on the value you provide and the rest will flow 🙏🏼

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