The father of Four , Yeezy founder and US Presidential candidate has been named the Highest grossing male celebrity of 2020 by Forbes .

He has been named Forbes magazine’s top-earning male celebrity after banking $180 million dollars over the past year.

The Forbes list was announced on Wednesday (Sept. 2), with the rapper coming in at No. 2 right after his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner. West reportedly brought in $170 million this year, mainly secured from the earnings from his Yeezys sneakers deal with Adidas.

West also has a Yeezy apparel line and makes money from his music. After revealing his partnership with GAP, it is likely the rapper will make even more in the coming year.

West took to Twitter after learning of his latest accomplishment, tweeting, “This is a good start” alongside a screenshot of the article.

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