After being named by Forbes magazine as the top-earning male celebrity after banking $180 million dollars over the past year Kanye West has alluded to being a multi billionaire even stating his distaste for one Billionaires.

“… what my whole thing i hate about one billionaires if they go to taco bell , then they not a billionaire no more” West says

The Forbes list was announced on Wednesday (Sept. 2). West reportedly brought in $170 million this year, mainly secured from the earnings from his Yeezys sneakers deal with Adidas.

West also has a Yeezy apparel line and makes money from his music. After revealing his partnership with GAP, it is likely the rapper will make even more in the coming year.

Even though Kanye says non of that matters, but since he got snubbed by the establishment but recognized by God he went ahead to announce that he is actually worth $5 Billion “This year there was an accomplishment where I was on the Bloomberg list they finally recognized that my net worth at that time was $3.3 Billion and then my Net worth doubled after i did my GAP deal to $5 Billion” West said

West announcement came during an interview with Nick Canon earlier this week , watch the full interview here the statement occurs between 5.06 and 7.04 minutes.

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Header Image by Adrian Lam via NBC News