Jamaica’s own homegrown sensation Koffeehas left a strong but beautiful stain on the industry with her recent summer anthem “Lockdown.” Well, if Koffee is the potent magic elixir, then 30-year-old producer/artiste Dane Ray is that wonderful mug that just makes the coffee better.

“Lockdown” seems set to propel Dane Ray to the stratosphere of his career by becoming the fastest Jamaican reggae release to reach over 1 million views on Youtube. The happy go lucky love song and colorful visuals directed by Yannick Reid, Habibi, and Koffee, took less than 48 hours to secure 1 million views. The video, which also stars Dane Ray, has now surpassed the 2,322,888 view mark, which has left the producer feeling elated but not surprised.

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