I get it, the customer is King. More often than not, brands miss out on product improvements because they forget another King, your team.

Your team/employees are your first product ambassadors. Most brands tend to forget this and focus on making the product as amazing as it could be for external stakeholders such as customers, merchants, and/or partners.

From personal experience, forgetting that your internal team needs to love the product ultimately impacts the quality of your products. A good example of this is while I was doing design work at an e-commerce company in Kenya. The marketing team (which I was part of) was made up of young people. Most of them weren’t 30 yet and they also fit into a good chunk of the user personas that had been defined by the brand. Despite this, rarely was the team used for research. Being in the design team, we would get confirmed information on a campaign and our job was to execute. No questions asked.

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