Muriithi Kinyanjui introduces the Voyage ladies collection Inspired by art, traveling & Africanism, the Nairobi based designer infused vibrancy and movement into his clothes. Vibrant colors are paired with striking royal hues and checks, the cuts mix unexpected lines with comfort.

theSystem caught up with the designer to find out more about the collection in the following Q&A:

How are you defining this collection?

Relaxed,Bold,bespoke, It also displays ancient art of bespoke paired with modern way of bespoke.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

Our inspiration for the Voyage ladies collection is Africanism by Africanism I mean colors,traveling. It fascinates me how Africa is known of its colors and that gave us a wide range of colors to choose from. In the few years I’ve been in fashion industry it has allowed me to travel to places i never thought I would around the country and few African countries and I always try to learn a bit of their origin. And I guess this one of the May which I will be creating collections mostly based on the similar concept

Why voyage and who is the voyage woman?

Voyage means traveling and we so it as the best fit name for the collection because the concept of it came from different parts of Africa and different races.

Can you talk a bit about the chosen location for the shoot and the interesting soundtrack in the video?

Yes, location on the shoot was limuru actually my home town thanks to Paul Mwangi Kungu who helped us fine the location. The soundtrack on the introduction of the Voyage collection
Is called ‘Utrus horas’ actually before.We got to agree which soundtrack we were to work with my photographer and i had exchange almost like 4 to 6 videos with different soundtracks disagreeing about the soundtrack.But when i got this it really moved me i felt the adventure in it and it also compliments the collection.

You can view and learn more about the collection via the Designers social media here: