Ted Munene : “Creators should create every chance they get.

Saturday, Jun 6 2020 | Ted Munene by theSystem *

It says in your Bio that you are a photographer , voice actor, actor and peddler of puns haha, could you tells us the story of how you became all that ?

I used to enjoy imitating my teachers in school that is how I fell in love with acting. I think I can still do perfect impressions of all my high school teachers. I started photography in campus as a way to make extra cash and the rest is history. A pun a day keeps the doctor away.

Interesting, what kind of acting are you doing?

At the moment I do Theatre. I work for a company called Millaz Productions Kenya.I hoping to transition to screen soon.

Ohh wow what kind of character would you like to play when you get into screen?

I have this obsession with villains but I would not mind doing other roles.

Joker, killmonger, Zorro , Bane, Loki…… which one of these resonates with you the most and why…

I am torn between Bane and the Joker but I will go with Bane. Tom Hardy killed it and his voice is just gold. He is the kind of bad guy I want to be. Extremely smart and intelligent. Plus he is the only villain to have broken the batman and I think that is just bad ass.

Yeah Bane is fyre, and who’s your favorite hero character that you want to face?

Thor everytime.

I see you like the adrenaline , hey Ted what do you think of the local Film industry at the moment ?

Hehe yes I do. Our local film industry is doing a good job. The growth over the years has been impressive. The quality of our productions has really improved. The industry however can always do better.

In what areas do you think its doing good the most and what areas do you think it needs to catch up with time?

A while back it was really difficult to get access to local films, our filmmakers have now started embracing avenues like Youtube and even creating websites where we can pay a fee and watch the films.

Our government needs to get on board with arts and realise that this is a multi-billion dollar industry. Expensive permits and censorship are not helping anyone.

Oh yeah its true the government needs to support the arts regardless , how big do you think the local film industry is and how far are we from Nollywood ?

I think our industry is still quite small compared to Nollywood which is the second biggest film industry in the world.

Lets talk about Photography , what was the catalyst that led you to start making pictures?

I can say my friend and mentor Brian Abudu creator of Abudu photography is the reason I started photography. I used to tag along when he went for shoots especially poetry sessions and I got a chance to get really amazing candid shots of various poets in their element and I was sold immediately. The power of a picture, and the many stories it tells while preserving that moment forever.

The say pictures say a thousand words! How long have you been doing the photography?

This is my third year doing photography.

What is your most important project or image you’ve made till today?

I will pick a project I did with my friends when we were in second year at the University. It was for a project called Colors and Reflections.

What is your take on photography in this social media age?

And how do you think Instagram has affected or impacted photograph and photographers?

Creators should create every chance they get. Social media has made it possible for people to interact easily with our work all we have to do it post it.

IG has helped photographers establish online galleries for their work which is essential for getting clients. Also it is a platform for getting inspiration from other photographers around the world. In art just like life we learn something new everyday.

True is there a downside to it though?

Accounts which steal others’ photos without attribution or consent.

Yeah copyright, but how do you protect your work from being taken and used without your permission?

I watermark my work.

Okay what challenges do you face as a photographer ?

Dodgy clients wale wa ntakulipa polepole after you have done the job, night gigs can be tricky sometimes because of security of equipments.

What do you look at when finding inspiration?

I usually go with my gut. Beauty is all around us so when my “Spidey senses” tell me that something is worth capturing I shoot away.

Instinct is the best tool we possess. Ted what impact do you want to have in this industry?

I agree. As artists we have the honorable job of being the mirror of our society. I want to be a representation of the beauty and diversity this country has to offer.

Sure , finally, what advice would you offer upcoming creatives?

Trust the process and believe in what you do, after all if you do not believe in yourself and in your art, how do you expect us to do the same?