Collin Brianoh : “My work has to have a story to it”

Mon, May 25 2020  |  Collin Brianoh by theSystemMagazine *

For those who don’t know, who is Collin Brianoh ?

Collin Brianoh is a Kenyan dancer, movement choreographer,stylist, creative director, entrepreneur who uses dance and fashion to express his form of art works.

What was the catalyst that led you to get into the creatives industry?

My Mum and Dad ,my Mum used to sing in a choir, my Dad a Martial artist they were my first introduction to art,from music to dance to magazines ,the other thing was the freedom of expression as an artist I felt like I had a lot to say.

“Take advice but the best advice you give yourself, you don’t get it from others , others just give you their experience.” – Collin Brianoh

Is your work political?

I try to be diverse on my works, it can change according to how am feeling or my experience or what I have seen, read or got first hand information.

My work has to have a story to it I am more focused on everything that affects us as humans

And how does politics affect your work?

Yeah it does if the political climate ain’t right the tension it creates affects a lot in the creative industry especially performance wise ,that is just one.

Other thing is maybe government regulations to some stuff its hard to access some places or get funding faster as a dancer.

I see and that which affects us has to have a political aspect , what i’m trying to ask rather because i’m a big fan of you and your work is how passionate you are about people i guess almost over half of what you do is about people from , educating to styling , how do you use your work to protest bad governance or to bring forth better ideas of living ?

Mostly I try to push the agenda of self believe .

When it comes to dance I try to push the agenda of letting go and being yourself and trying to work for the betterment of once life through everything that inspires them ,that’s why my dance are emotional and story based.

When it comes to styling I try to use things that are regular to the eye but holds no meaning till its needed I try to remind people that everything has a purpose and time to shine no matter the obstacle everything gets well only when you believe in self.

You talked about funding , do you think that’s the main problem creatives are facing locally, what other problems do you think we face as an industry?

Funding is nothing major but it would be well if once in a while there could be something to fund projects that are struggling to bring out useful information to the public,

Luck of support from each other to we do sometimes have an healthy competition instead of healthy collaboration the power of many moves masses
Channels to push each other, we are all scattered we are not an organized creative industry everyone has their own “clique”

So on your side you think the creative industry is not progressing because it lacks a certain level of camaraderie and cohesiveness within the community right ? How do you think that can change?

Yes one hundred
More collaboration ,access to information sharing more artistic platforms and mentor-ship programs just to mention a few.

What do you think of the older generation of creatives , are they important and how to they play a part in your development if they do ?

They are important they paved away we should always give props to the first ones what we got to go is be better than them

Nice and what of this generation of creatives what do you think of it ?

I can say I have learned through the gaps and mistakes I saw from the Ogs and what to work on and not to do

Its divided some are in for hype some are in for the love one thing is that they are more expressive and go getters more are coming

Lets talk about NASI , what is it , what is the project about?

Nasi is a away of life and also a group of creative artist with different art background,

Nasi is all about pushing for peace ,love and unity through our creative medium to tell a story.

Within what fields does NASI operate and what is your role?

Dance,photography,styling,graphic design and film for now ,am the creative director.

Oh wow that is interesting , what project have you done or doing under NASI that you would like us to know of?

They are lot we’ve done as a group like offering dance classes ,photography lessons and mentorship programs in the informal settlement its something that is still going on,new projects were coming through but

corona interfered on some new projects I individually was working on.

Still in the works be in the look out.

What concerns do you have about the creative industry today especially with the current situation of the covid?

Am more scared of the mental state of some artist that’s all cause things aren’t moving and guys with no access to their means of bread are stressing out here on there next meal not all artist are financially literate some depend on shows.

Who are the creatives that influence you the most ?

Kanye west
This guys mind and the way he believes in himself and bringing the best out of people this guy is just the guy.

Ye! , shout out to Ye interesting guy !


Lets segue , whats the starting point of your works?

It’s normally weird I get different inspiration can be a colour, a story or just a feeling.

Are you usually looking for inspiration or do you just hope it finds you on your way?

I used to but I learned to just create with the feeling of the moment then I can pile up works that later I can use to create something new or continue developing what I was working on.

What do you think of elitism the creative industry?

I believe we are artist and we should all share the plate is to big for some to be entitled

What do you think of Art in this social media age?

Easy access some experience have lost value plus to many copycats have emerged ,It has both its negative and positive side.

Expound more on this …….. what has lost its essence?

Experience of visiting an art gallery or a museum to see art pieces in there physical form ,that firsthand experience

You think its become irrelevant?

It’s starting to be cause nobody wants to go out anymore when they can just go online and see what is being showcased.

It has helped business for sure but some things are loosing so much even in terms of jobs.

I still see some people going out , i personally do go out unless its very necessary but i know what you mean , so how do you think we can bring back that physical experience ?

This art spaces should look for ways to come up with creative programs, performance or just showcases plus collaboration with different artist from different background

Do you struggle with being taken seriously?

Very much trying to explain to people or even clients that I am a dancer and I live by that full time sometimes even coming to payment is an issue

What advise would you offer someone just starting out in art?

Believe that what you have in you is the Best piece of art work you’ve ever seen and never to give up ,take advice but the best advice you give yourself you don’t get it from others ,others just give you their experience.

Where can people find you or your work if they wanted to interact with it or just you?

Instagram @collinbrianoh
Facebook@Collin phobia Brianoh

YouTube @CollinBrianoh