Art With Amaze Talks To Us About His Work As A Tattoo And Graffiti Artist , His Goal To Empower Street Art, Walking Art And Not Waiting For Approval.

What forms of art do you work on primarily?

Tattoos and Graffiti.

Talk to us about graffiti , what does it mean to be a graffiti artist in Africa and what do you aim to achieve doing graffiti?

In Africa it’s really big being a Graffiti Artist coz we are embracing a New Culture and it means alot to the young upcoming people.
My aim is to make sure street Art is embraced fully in this Continent.

What initially inspired you to do graffiti , is there any piece of work or any graffiti artist (local or abroad) that made you feel that you needed to contribute to this particular art form ?

I got inspired by A Graffiti Artist Called Smokillah
His style was different and eye catching.

How about your Tattoos , is there a story behind getting into the tattoing business, given the rich history of Tattoing in the African culture?

Tattoos sounded interesting because that’s the only way you could walk with your favorite art.. so i decided why not get people walk with your favorite art.

“In Africa we are just embracing Art so art here is deep than the developed countries.”

How did you get into Art?

I didn’t like the employment life so i went back to Art,

I started art when i was in Nursery School and paused it because of my African Parents.

What did you do before getting into art and what prompted you get back to art as opposed to just going into a different field?

I worked in an office doing Graphic Design and the pay wasn’t enough to sustain my lifestyle so after a Research i realized Art paid more than it so i ventured into it. But later on realized i loved it to the point i didn’t need that cash.

So Art is really a passion and not a gig ? how does being an Artist in Africa differentiate from being an artist elsewhere in the world according to you?

Art is a passion
Gigs won’t last
In Africa we are just embracing Art so art here is deep than the developed countries.

By deep what do you mean?

We are new and interested so we go all in.
It’s like introducing a new game to a baby.

That is on the artist side or the consumer side?

Artist side definitely.

And do you think the local market has become more receptive to the arts ?

Right now it has because we’re eyeing out for other options to keep us Happy.

What do you mean with that?

In Africa Art was Optional

Your work is really either about going out or being close to people, how are you working in this situation that we are in?

Mostly I’m working with the close Clients around my area ( Within the lockdown Boundary)

What do you hope to see after covid?

People Living outside their comfort Zones. * if you love Art you’ll have to love it More *

Any projects that you are working on at the moment that the world should be expecting from you?

I’m trying to get back in the Graffiti Scene with more Cosmic Art.

Tell us about it , why cosmic?

Cosmic because the colour blending makes it beautiful and the human world need to know it’s not the only the living Existence in this Planets.. i don’t know if I’m making sense.

Do you have anything you would like to tell the creatives and or our audience?

To the Creatives : Don’t wait for approvals from the people you look upto so you can Grow… just Grow!!

Audience: Love and Embrace Art.

Great , thank you for doing this till next time

Thank you for Hosting me.