A Candid Dialogue Between – System Magazine * founder, Designer ; Cole Deen and Prominent Stylist cum Interior Designer, Eddie Kirindo.

Its been more than one month now since the lock down took effect, the whole world has been in panic mode , in a state of flux for all the reasons you know , global consciousness has hit an all time high and everyone across the class system is trying to invent the new world in the own little or big way , ingenuity has gone a notch high all thanks to Covid-19.

The nomadic industry veteran Eddie Kirindo gets together with Cole Deen for a very intriguing conversation that covers topics from publishing , creatives , and culture in general.

EDDIE KIRINDO: Hey small bro!
Hope you n yours are keeping safe .

COLE DEEN: Ya man wagwan Brother , I’m good, don’t know if i’m safe though haha , how about man how you holding up…

Keeping sane by getting excited by nothing n everything

COLE DEEN: I know man its a crazy time , apparently i feel like we needed this , the world needed to slow down and reboot manze , no offense to those affected directly , i’ve been doing some reflecting and evaluating my intentions its been helpful to me more than inhibiting, how about you how are you navigating this and what do you think about it….

EDDIE KIRINDO: Am at what’s next!
Yes the inward reflection is a good one it brings clarity to what’s important.How is the online mag doing with this?

COLE DEEN: Already set up the website https://thesystem-magazine.com/ check it out , still working from home though , bagged a couple of interviews with some creatives , i’m actually thinking of making the mag an Interview only platform , i don’t think anyone should speak for creatives , i like the idea of interviews because it allows people to get into the mind of a creator and it gIves the creative full control of his/her narrative , what do you think?

“Its not what the market needs its what makes you alive is what the market needs” – Eddie Kirindo

EDDIE KIRINDO: Do podcast!
Am your first guest! That the magazine covers creative lifestyle, N adds layers to creatives space of mind

COLE DEEN: Ahaha i’m exploring the best media or a mix of a few , a podcast is definetly one of those medias, but my mind is still deeply engrained on print , i still think its the perfect medium for creative expression but print is a whole different entreprise so i’m looking for someone to sponsor the project , so i’m thinking of a mix of Podcast, Online and Print ….. I’m avoiding the word Lifestyle though , and its not as if i don’t understand thats where the most eyes and cash is but i want the Project to be Creatives specific, i want to give Us an actual voice…. to really empower the creative and for a moment the medium to take a back seat

EDDIE KIRINDO: I believe creatives are 3 dimensional,creative process,environment,activities. Magazine value within the next order will be different

COLE DEEN: What do you think is bound to happen to the medium after this …….

EDDIE KIRINDO: If it doesn’t fit within the redefined new culture of truth, hope, and development of culture no one will be interested. Creativity comes from a place of truth.
That’s why I believe you have something going on.But no one will believe in your idea to fund it,We know that is how it doesn’t work within our investment structures. Example kirubi, didn’t invest in blanket n wine he started koroga. Use what you have available to start up. Podcast isn’t a capital intensive like magazine. And the opportunity that there is in fashion creative to talk about this shit. The community is big. Do you watch hotboxing with Mike Tyson?

COLE DEEN: I follow you , and you are right bro, i think me coming from a non entrepreneurial and journalistic perspective has allowed me a different approach and it has given me a more authentic approach to this , coz first and foremost i’m a Designer with capital D , and this project is just me trying to fill a gap , so that eventually i’m gonna have to deligate someone to take on the task (with the magazine) and fly with it, but in the meanwhile i’m trying to lay the groundwork … …..While prepping for my full time job which is Making Things.

EDDIE KIRINDO: Bro the capitalist system has reached its optimum it’s not working.
Inline with what makes you tick. The new system i so hope will create space for people to express themselves to the full the Virgil Abloh, where you have sense of voice in everything without limitation. It’s not what the market needs it’s what makes you alive is what the market needs.

COLE DEEN: I think i’ve watch just one episode of hotboxing , its dope , and yes you are right its hard to find someone who can actually invest in this kinds of ideas especially at such an abstract stage , but in Africa it is what it is , you have to figure shit out on your own , which is not necessarily a bad thing … I like that , “Its not what the market needs its what makes you alive is what the market needs” you are a genius …

EDDIE KIRINDO: Bro you need to shift your wavelength to your last statement.
Figure shit out on your own. That is where every race is at and it’s a new thing.
we’ve been so depandant, on our jobs, Government, Mzungu, Gods.

COLE DEEN: I know i know bro and on that point when i said sponsor for the project i actually mean like partners , not necessarily like somebody to give me money and boss me around , but more like being facilitated to to get to do the job , i hate to say advertisement , but its also important to know that we actually cant do this alone , its a collaborative process , just like you cite Virgil , he has the people and orgs. that facilitate his endeavors and i think one thing that … creatives shy from is admitting we need help and we need financing and your point on DIY i get it and i know what you mean is that we need to have and independent approach to this financing collaboration and not to be so sold on the idea of AID , and thats exactly what i’m trying to do , to be independent but collaborative and smart about it

Lets go hard after covid.

COLE DEEN: How far are we from an actual creative industry explosion in Nairobi , where the media and creatives and consumers become one just like the media and politicians and entertainment….

EDDIE KIRINDO: It’s coming after covid.

COLE DEEN: Wow okay , i can’t wait , and as they say the best place to be in a hurricane is in the middle , i want to be at the centre if it all , thanks for the insight man, really appreciate your time

EDDIE KIRINDO: You need to position yourself where you want to fit in
in the next.

COLE DEEN:I’ll take the center !

EDDIE KIRINDO: That’s what’s up. I see in you the Imran (bof) of African fashion

COLE DEEN: I like Imran but, i’m more of Ralph Lauren or Benard Arnault the head of LVMH

EDDIE KIRINDO: Sorry to say this. That’s the face of the boudoir system within fashion that has got it to where it is and it is going down.
Built on the back of sweat n blood of other humans.

COLE DEEN: Hahaha i know man , my approach is very different , i’m just comparing the degree and quality of ambition, of cos i don’t agree with how they have been doing things but the accomplishment is impeccable, i’m working on making the maximum impact globally with the least damage….. my idea is – to be hyper ambitious but ethical


COLE DEEN: Thats whats up man

EDDIE KIRINDO: Stay safe ,or at least try to.

COLE DEEN: I will, you too!

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