Material artist Naitiemu Nyanjom gives us a look into what she has been up to during the isolation period in a essay titled : Stuff i’m doing in lock-in.

This all ‘lock-in’ situation caught me rather unprepared. I mean, am used to working from my home studio but I wasn’t ready to stay locked up.

We’d just completed NDW2020 Festival where I was working hands-on in organization and Art Direction for the #LabelledHuman Campaign.

I was looking forward to continuing the project as planned which would entail meeting up with the musicians to create more music videos; but then Covid-19 happened and we were all forced into social distancing. 

Home Gardening

I’d moved houses in February, within the same compound but this one had an extra backyard space. I intended to develop the space into a little garden and studio space with time. 

Thanks to phone conversations with mum and my neighbor for great advice on how to plant veggies.

I planted kales, spinach, spring onions and coriander.

I’ve already had a few meals from my garden now!

Mushroom picking

This has got to be one of the most random things i’ve done in life.

Random nature trails have turned into foraging activities.

Kiambu has been popping mushrooms everywhere!

sound collection

When the pandemic first hit us, I got really anxious because of all the sad and scary news accompanying it.

I started spending more time in nature because I find comfort and calmness whenever I am closer to nature.

Through this interaction, i’ve started collecting sounds of birds, crickets, waters and the other nature around me.

Am using these sounds as effects in the videos I am currently creating.

Check her work out here :