Fashion Designer Muriithi Kinyanjui shares what’s getting him through isolation. 

In this segment System will be publishing what creatives and professionals have been doing to cop with isolation over the coming weeks hopefully to get you through the isolation period. Here fashion designer Muriithi Kinyanjui shares what’s getting him through isolation.

Muriithi Kinyanjui :

Been reading a book called The Secret by Rhonda, its a book that Shows you how to use the law of attraction to attract everything you want in your life it’s quite amusing and interesting how it shows that we are our own limits In our relationship,health,financially,and anything you want in life. Like if you keep on telling yourself that you have a problem or certain illness your cells (as they are your most trusted forces ) they record that and and start generating that certain illness quite interesting. right? Like we focus on telling our bodies and mind not positive thoughts that the law of attraction attracts everything you give it. It’s like 2 patients (both have same illness )go to hospital and one is giving pain killers and the other given the right medication for a certain illness, but the one given painkillers believes that the is getting better while taking the pain killers what happened the law of attraction doesn’t care but it’s gives back what you feel with much greater force. “ secret of a master mind is found wholly in his use of imagination