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We’re all in this together. Whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing or just plain WFH, here’s some tips to keep you sane and occupied during the pandemic.

  1. Call your Ex , let her know you never actually went to hell.
  2. Gentlemen , clean your rooms regardless.
  3. Read some books , we are not recommending any though!
  4. Learn how to contain your Ego , how are you handling the curfew humiliation?
  5. Keep your lust in your pants for gods sake!
  6. Learn how to sing .
  7. Google is a thing, bro!
  8. Read some blogs.
  9. Evaluate your manhoodness
  10. Learn how to cook something , just something bro!
  11. Its time to check on your baby momma.
  12. Its time to reconsider that shuga mammie.
  13. Its time to confirm you health status.
  14. Go and swim in a river.
  15. Take a walk.
  16. Reflect, Reflect , Reflect!
  17. Know your type!
  18. Find that new business venture.
  19. Connect with your Hommies. Bros before hoes is that right?
  20. Wash your hands , your hands!
  21. Say something stupid on facebook.
  22. Reconcile with your dad.
  23. Know your neighbors.
  24. Watch cartoon network.
  25. Who is Elon Musk?
  26. Join an online bros club!
  27. Connect with family members.
  28. Enjoy time with your kids.
  29. Make love to your wife until she can’t have it anymore.
  30. Learn a new manual skill.