The entire world is battling the novel coronavirus outbreak and wearing face masks has become a new norm. Fashion designers globally have been making face masks amid the coronavirus crisis. Kenyan designers have not been left behind and hence they’ve been putting their skills at work some even neglecting their day to day business in pursuit of this noble act – designing fancy face masks to encourage people to wear the protective gear to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus behind the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kenya Fashion Council is also standing in solidarity with its members collaborating to develop and publicize the designer made masks , this is a statement that was posted on the Kenya Fashion Council social platforms “Wearing masks is essential in reducing your risk of exposure to the virus. While we save our medical grade masks for health professionals, local designers around the country are creating new innovative designs for the public. The local industry is key in providing for this necessary item as we work to #flattenthecurve. Keep following for more information! “

If you don’t mind that extra dollar, It’s time to start wearing a designer mask—so here’s a running list of Kenyan designers producing them.

Sao Sartorial

The sartorial brand has been producing the masks using colorful and fine suiting materials.

Henry Wanjala

The designer has been making brilliant masks in collaboration with the Kenya Fashion Council

Ogake Mosomi

Bridal but make it a mask! The bridal designer is developing the mask with a touch of les ‘bridal’ and its the most chic mask you can have. Can’t wait to see a bride rocking this one!

Bevern Oguk of Boguk

The pret a porter brand from Kibera has you covered in detail , don’t you like it ? Call it The Bog!

Designing Africa Collective

The multi brand concept store situated at The Village Market and run by the fashion guru Diana Opoti is making its own version of the multi color mask.

Yvonne Afrostreet

Afrostreet doing Afrostreet , you must love it!

Looks Like Avido

The Kibera designer David Avido is using his brand techniques and ethos approach to make and provide masks to his fellow constituents. In one of his Instagram post he claims to have done over 2700 masks free within Kibera