Femi One IG

When it comes to Rap, there’s no question that Femi One is one of the most prolific and provocative Female MCs in the 254.

(Sahau kama utawezana) What people seem to not notice or overlook (probably due to the hypnotizing of her spitting) is her urban to the core outfits. From her short dyed hair do’s to worker boots , Femi is street to the core.

Thighs too sexy, you might as well rock a booty short

Outfit Femi rockin heels and a blazer and a hand bag that looks like a stereo radio

Bootyy shorts for days

Femi performing rocking booty shorts, matching bandana and an offwhite belt holding a trucker jacket.

Savage AF

Good luck getting those pants

Nairroberry long t-shirts on some sneakers

Femi doing Femi shit!

How you like me now?