Some of the most luxurious brands in the world are known for their beautiful garments and accessories. But some of these brands have also focused on designing expensive footwear. Here are the most sought-after and expensive shoes.


Christian Louboutin shoes are probably one of the most expensive shoes on this list. You can spot a Louboutin a mile away with its signature red soles and a 5-inch heel. Louboutin said that he made these iconic shoes by accident when he worked as a freelance shoe designer in the early 80s.

He wanted to paint the soles red after he noticed his assistant wear nail polish in that color. He introduced his most expensive shoe collection in 2010 which featured plenty of rhinestones and sexy straps. Even though this brand has had its share of legal battles over YVS and counterfeit brands, Louboutin is one of the most popular luxury shoes in the world.


Manolo Blahnik became one of the most luxurious shoe designers in the world. His shoes are known for their jeweled embellishments and his unique eye to detail. Blahnik decided to become a shoe designer after he met the chief editor of Vogue in the early 70s. He also became the first man to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Blahnik gets his inspiration from his mother. He’s most known for his “Bixa Alligator” shoes, which are made from real alligator. Blahnik’s shoes have been worn by countless celebrities at red carpet events and in movies and TV shows.


Louis Vuitton is another fashion brand that has expensive shoes. This fashion house started in 1854. Not only is Louis Vuitton known for its luxury shoes, but also for its signature line of handbags and accessories. The handbags and shoes have become a status symbol. These fashions are for the fashion aristocrats who can afford them. Just wearing this brand will give you a luxury look.


Gucci is the most luxurious footwear designer from Italy. The brand’s shoes stem all the way back to 1921. Along with their shoes, this brand is known for their signature Gucci bomber jackets, T-shirts, handbags, sunglasses, jeans, and more.

Gucci has become a status symbol with its shoes starting at $600 and up. The most notable shoe is the Gucci loafer, as it became one of the most talked about shoes in the industry. This brand pays special attention to detail by experimenting with materials and designs that were not otherwise seen before. Gucci now has flagship and exclusive stores, as well as a prominent internet presence.


Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani founded this luxury brand in the early 70s. Valentino is known for its beautiful line of evening gowns and dresses. The prices were so high that it made it one of the most luxury clothing brands in the world. This fashion brand released a pair of sneakers that are embellished with red, white, and blue beading. This patriotic shoe retails for $2,223.00 in the United States.


When you think of Chanel, you think of luxury. However, you don’t usually associate the brand with shoes. Chanel is usually known for its signature chain strap handbags, oversized sunglasses, and tweed suits. Still, that hasn’t stopped the fashion house from succeeding in shoe wear. The fashion brand released a pair of black leather sandals that featured pink and white sequins on the wedge. The sandals are made from grosgrain and lambskin and retail around $2,300.00 in the U.S.


Even though Jimmy Choo has only been around since the 80s, this brand took over the shoe industry. Like Louboutin, Jimmy Choo focuses on high-heeled shoes. There have been many replicas of Jimmy Choo shoes, but they’ll never touch the originals. Jimmy Choo was started by Choo Yeang Keat, a designer from Malaysia who wanted to create custom-made shoes. Jimmy Choo was a favorite of Princess Diana during her time as a princess.


The Stuart Weitzman brand was named after the designer. He’s known for his embellished wedges. Rumors swirled that Weitzman created a pair of $1 million dollar shoes for an A-list celebrity. This rumored shoe is covered in platinum gold and real diamonds. Weitzman has the most expensive shoes in the world, climbing upwards of $3 million dollars. The materials he uses to create his shoes are so unique and rare and is what makes his shoes so expensive.


Miu Miu is another luxury shoe brand on this list that’s known for their ankle strap and boot styles. They were one of the first brands to use colorful embellishments and funky colors. Since most of their collections aren’t for the timid, they’re often worn by starlets and pop stars. This brand was able to successfully combine funkiness with luxury.